Bothrochilus boa

Ringed pythons (aka Bismark ringed pythons) are a medium sized python, seldom over six feet.  They can be an aggressive snake and usually have excellent feeding response. I do not consider them a good snake for children. These are snakes for the python afficianado who appreciates subtle beauty.
As babies they have bright orange and black colors but as adults the orange turns to brownish or yellowish color.  They have one of the most irridescent skins of any snake. In a cage these snakes are merely handsome. In the sunlight they are absolutely awesome.

Lately I have seen babies for sale which have orange stripes from head to tail. While these may look neat, they will probably make UGLY adults. It is the black which looks more attractive on the adults. My preference is for ones with even ringed pattern.
I maintain my ringed pythons on a substrate of cypress mulch, moist but not wet. I have never had one shed a whole skin - the sheds have always been in patches.

The female on eggs

The male, a very dark snake, almost black at times.