John Hollister's
Blackheaded Pythons

Aspidites melanocephalus

I was fortunate in the recent acquisition of a trio of adult blackheaded pythons. I have been wanting some of these snakes for many years. With A. ramsayi (womas) they complete the Aspidites genus.

One male is around seven feet long, one is a bit over six feet and the female is eight feet. They are very nice snakes with good dispositions, although they don't like to sit still for pictures.

The blackheaded pythons are found in many types of habitats in northern Australia, from far NE Western Australia through the Northern Territory into much of Queensland. While most adults run around seven feet in length, lengths of over ten feet have been recorded.

This is the eight feet long female.

As you can see from the picture (taken 3/26/01) she is very gravid and should lay eggs at the end of March.

This is my male blackheaded python #1.

This is the #2 male blackheaded.