Lampropeltis m. mexicana

These snakes are commonly referred to as "mex mex" by the herpers.
I have been breeding mex mex for about ten years, but only recently have I decided to work with them more seriously.
They are a kingsnake of medium size, seldom over 40 inches. They have a wonderful disposition and usually feed well as babies.
I am currently trying to breed a strain with mostly red coloration, and a bright red color.
Three years ago I produced the red female pictured below. This year I bred her to the red male. The striped baby was the result of this breeding. It will be several years before I have the striped phase going strongly, but it will be a fun breeding project.

I particulary like the "cobra" marking in the black head band on this snake.

Owing to a pitiful brumation, the '99 hatch was poor. I had one fully striped baby dead in the egg. This partially striped one was the only one of the two survivors to have any striping.

There is an interesting story behind this male. To read it CLICK HERE.
Notice the round black spots behind the eye. I have not seen this before on a mex mex.

This female is two years old, and should be ready to breed in the year 2000.