Lampropeltis alterna

Alterna come in two basic pattern morphs, "blair's", which is generally orange on gray, and "alterna", which generally lacks or has minimum orange..
They are a medium sized kingsnake, usually under three feet as adults. I have found several around 40 inches and my largest wildcaught one was a 45 inch male.
I collected my first one in 1975. Since then I have collected them in most of the known localities in Texas. At present my alterna collection consists of mostly Highway 277, Val Verde County animals and a few Sanderson animals.
They are a wonderful snake, extremely variable in color and pattern.
Sometimes it is difficult to get the babies feeding on mice, but usually the adults take to them quite well.
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These are a few of the alterna in my collection. I show them as representative of the variety available in this species.
I am offering the pictures of these in thumbnail form, because of the number of pictures. To see a larger picture, just click on the thumbnail.