Sanzinia madagascariensis

The Sanzinia are one of three boas found in Madagascar, the other two being in the genus Acrantophis. They are a medium sized snake. Adults are usually about five feet, but lengths of eight feet have been reported.

I was fortunate to recently acquire a pair of unrelated three year old Sanzinia. The female is greenish, while the male is more gray with a greenish tinge. They change colors somewhat. In these pictures the snakes are somewhat darker than normal. This is probably mostly temperature related, but mood could play a part in the color change.



I have recently acquired 3.2 mandarin phase Sanzinia. They are 4 adults and one yearling male and very nice animals. The larger light female was locked up in reptilian ecstasy for many hours on August 24 (a birthday present for me.) I do hope that some good comes from the breeding.

This is the male mandarin phase
  Sex in the afternoon

I recently acquired this second yearling male as a backup.

These are two of the Mandarin phase females. Both of these females are well over 6 feet long.