Epicrates cenchria cenchria

The Brazilian rainbow boas are excellent snakes. They vary in color from a deep rich red to a bright orange. They attain a moderate size of around 6 feet but without the bulk of the common boas. The neonates are around 16 inches and usually are excellent feeders.
Brazilian rainbows require a somewhat humid environment. I keep my neonates in boxes with damp cypress mulch. When they get larger, I move them into cages with cypress mulch deep enough for them to burrow in.. I keep one end moister than the other. This allows them to choose the environment they want at the time. During cooler weather and for the gravid females, I provide a heat strip under the substrate for basking.
Like many snakes, they are nippy as babies, but soon calm down. I have no worry at all about reaching into the boxes with my adults and lifting them out.
I currently have a colony of 1.2 adults which have excellent bright red color. They also have the wonderful peacock markings on their sides. I am trying to breed for a good deep red color without the white sides found on some rainbows.

This is the breeder male rainbow boa, photographed in sunlight.

This rainbow boa is about three months gravid.

This is a clutch of baby rainbows immediately after birth. None has yet cut from the sac.

While they look rather plain as neonates, they will develop a good red coloration as adults.